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“H-hey, ________________.” A girl that you go to school with came up to you with an awkward and flustered glance. You recognize her as Jade from the Remedial Class that you volunteer at on occasional breaks.

She annoys you by asking awkward and personal questions, borrowing your things without permission, and playing with your Ipod occasionally when you were helping other students. You didn’t say anything about it nor did you ask her to stop because she can’t do anything to it because you put a password on it.

When she asked awkward questions about your boyfriend, like she wants to know if he likes her, you wondered whether or not she was right in the head. Regardless, you were very tolerant and respected her in the very least.

“Hm? What is it, Jade?” You asked in an irritated voice as you shift your bag from your shoulder to the other. She seems not to notice that you are not in a good mood today. Your (e/c) narrowed at her slightly.

“Can we go somewhere in private?” She asks in her quiet mousey like voice, keeping her hands to her chest and maintaining her eye contact with you.

You raise an eyebrow and look around the hall slowly. There was not a soul in sight and it was rare for students to linger in this building just to hang out as there were no sitting areas.

“We’re as private as it gets. What do you need?”

“About your boyfriend, Jacob...”

‘Oh no. Not this again.’ You frown slightly and groaned in your head. Jade knows everything about him, she knows every dirty detail of your relationship through conversations between you and/or Jacob. ‘Why does she insist on bringing him up?’

“You think he would let me be his girlfriend?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! No.” You almost dropped your bag when she asked you that.

“Why not? Why can’t he have two girlfriends?”

“It’s against…” You were about to say it was ‘against the law of dating’ but technically, there was no law. It is a free country. There is a law on polygamy when it came to marriage but not dating. You couldn’t explain your reason but it is frowned upon. “It’s just wrong. You can’t date more than two people at the same time!”

“Oh.” Jade sighed. “Can you at least give this to him and tell him how I feel?” She hands you a letter and you take it with a scowl as she skipped off to her class.

You wanted to tear this piece of paper up now. But knowing Jade, she would probably pester Jacob so you though it was fair to give him a heads up as to what could happen. You went to yours and Jacob’s usual sitting area and sat in a love seat next to him. Jacob had his black hood up and his ear phones in and pulled one out when you sat beside him.

“Hey. I have something you should see.” You say as you hand him the letter.

He scanned through it and let out a snort. You had the decency not to read it because you didn’t want to know what Jade said. Jacob was yours. He had your heart and you were sure that you had his.

You couldn’t quite remember how you became a couple, it was one of those things where it just happened. You couldn’t resist those shy yet seductive grey eyes. He had red hair that was gorgeous when it gleamed in the sunlight but due to an incident that he didn’t want to recall, he was now bald.

One part of you felt guilty because you sounded like a selfish child unwilling to share a toy. This was your first relationship and you weren’t entirely comfortable with the closeness between you and Jacob yet but you knew damn well that there was no ‘sharing’ people within normal relationships. COMMITTED relationships.

“That Jade is really something else. Maybe we should humour her just for the fun of it.” Jacob threw the letter in recycling and pulled you to his lap. You shivered a little bit and felt embarrassed as he played with your hair.

“She’s a spoiled brat, that’s what she is.” You grumbled. “I mean, what kind of person asks if it’s okay to have TWO girlfriends?”

“I’ll tell her no. She kind of freaks me out a bit. Enough about her, let’s focus on us.” One of his hands snaked down your back to your side. You were uncomfortable with him touching you in places that you were not used to being touched. Jacob leaned over and captured your mouth with a kiss.

This is what couples did, right? They were physically close, they touched, they kissed, they murmured sweet nothings to each other for no apparent reason. This was happening to fast, too sudden. When he touched you, you felt cold and very squeamish on the inside. You did not like this unpleasant feeling. You wanted it to stop.

You gasped as his hand trails further down your legs. You did not want this to proceed any further so you stood up.

“Uh, Jake, that’s enough.” You were taught that it was okay to say no. If you weren’t comfortable with something, you had to be honest.

“Why not babe? You like it.” You scowled and looked Jacob in the eye. How dare he decide what your thoughts are!

“No, I don’t!” You snapped. “And- And have you heard of personal space? It’s not that I-”

“Personal space? Fuck that!” Your jaw drops and you stare at him in disbelief. That was the ultimate deal breaker there. No chance of forgiveness whatsoever.

“Fine. Fuck this relationship. We are done.” You walk out without another word.  

Your break covered your last block and all that went through your mind was that you needed to go home. You took the bus as far as it would go to the east and got off at the park a few blocks away from your house.

Instead of going down to the valley, you went to the empty, creaking swing set and cried. You hated this. You absolutely hated it! Your first relationship was over in less than a year. Perhaps you were being too rash, being over reactive. You were considering on going up to him and apologizing for earlier. You popped a Halls candy in your mouth to help yourself calm down.

Where else were you going to find a person as sweet as Jacob?

“Yo yo yo!” The voice of your obnoxious neighbour down the street came from behind you. He normally catches you by surprise with his loud, booming voice coming out of nowhere and sending you a few feet in the air. You did not like it one bit. Especially not when he was holding a party at his place and you could hear him from your house at 3 AM.

“Whaaaat, Matthias.” You had your head down and gently pushed yourself on the swing with your foot.

“Whaaaaat’s up with you, chica?” You felt the swing set move as he sat down.

“… If you’re gonna call me a pet name, why not say it in Danish and not Spa- Oh my God, what are you wearing?”

You raised an eyebrow as you veened his gangster like outfit with a silver dollar sign necklace, his baggy red and black plaid sleeve shirt, ripped jeans and a white beanie covering his spikey golden hair. He dressed like normal people and you did not want to see the day he lost his mind or his fashion sense. Preferably the fashion sense. The day he lost his mind would be the day you were recording every second of it and sliding a tutu on his head while he did something stupid just to get a good laugh out of everyone.

“Oh~ You want me to start speaking in Danish to you?”

“NO.” You flinched when you raised your voice. “Sorry… Just really… Uptight.”

Matthias pulled out a bag of cotton candy out of nowhere and turned the entrance to you.

“Help yourself and tell me what’s wrong.” He says with a calm smile. You were surprised that he for once was calm and willing to listen. You pinched the fluffy pink treat and tore off a small piece.

“Doesn’t eating foods when you’re down a bit of a no-no when it comes to watching your weight?” You raise an eyebrow at the cotton candy.

“Who cares? Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. You should only think about the saying ‘You are what you eat.’ So, therefore, you wanna eat only good stuff, right?”

You smile and pop the pink fluff in your mouth, sending pleasant goosebumps down your body as it melted in your mouth.

“That’s a good philosophy to live by.” You smile slightly and help yourself to another pinch and it was a while before you spoke again. You turn to Matthias and you could see in his eyes that he was impatient as ever to hear what happened to you today.  “I broke up with Jacob. There was this girl who asked me if she could go out with him-”

“Where do they live?” Matthias growled and cracked his knuckles.

“I’m not finished yet.” You scowl at him. Matthias recomposes himself and takes a few deep breaths to calm down before turning to you. “She’s not right in the head, I think. That or she’s a complete spoiled brat who thinks she can get anything she wants. Long story short, when I told him, he said he wanted to go along with it. That should have been my first red flag. Then after that… He touched me… Kissed me. I didn’t like it. He told me that I did and said ‘Fuck your personal space.’”

Matthias had this serious look in his blue eyes, one that you haven’t seen from him before. You think he probably is capable of being serious but this was the first time in all the years you’ve known him that he’s shown it to you.

“You were right to do what you did. Nobody should be treated that way.”

“But still.” You shook and bowed your head. Your shoulders start to shake as the impact of the breakup catches up to you and tears roll down your face. “If only I went along with it… If only I tolerate it just for him.”

“_________________, do you hear yourself? If they can’t accept that you are you then they shouldn’t even be awesome enough to know the real you! They should know that you aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself. You know where to draw the line and if they cross it, they should know that you would give them an automatic ass whooping. A real man would accept that and still love you for it, not force you to hide it.”

You freeze and let his words sink in. The more you thought about it, the more you realized that you didn’t have an actual relationship to begin with. But still, the breakup hurt. Matthias hugged you and let you have a good cry against him for about five minutes.

After the five minutes were up, you felt the bag of cotton candy being placed in your hand as well as something small and metallic.

“My door’s always open.” Matthias smiled at you and outstretched his arm, offering his hand to you.

You smile at Matthias and accept his hand to pull you off the swing. You had some second thoughts about going to Matthias’ house. He was 21, you were 17. He had wild parties and was the most hilarious drunk person but he was not supposedly the type to be alone with when said parties were held.

You look in his eyes and you knew there was something in them that said ‘You can trust me, I will keep you safe.’

“Alright. I will put my faith in you, Matthias.” You smile as you felt drawn to him and your lips were micrometers apart.

Matthias suddenly pulled away to your sudden dismay.

“Talk about intensity. You need to lay off the Halls and cotton candy mixture, _________________. Too strong.”

You were utterly speechless at his comment and couldn’t find any words to use against him other than ‘You Idiot’ which was followed by laughter from both of you.

Requested by: :iconfairytailrox98:

Ah~ I love being a bit of a troll every now and then :iconiamhappyplz:

I'm not dead, I'm slowly forcing myself to write... I need a schedule or something... I've been working on work and rps more than anything. Although my rps do inspire me a bit if they are really good~

I had to come up with a comfort scenario and had a bit of trouble with it until one night I had flashbacks from when I was fourteen and had a reality check on what being in a relationship means.

I normally don't like to get political/preachy in my work but I do have something to say for everyone who is in, or is looking for a relationship.

Be open and honest. It's okay to say no and express your opinion. If that person doesn't respect you for it or wants you to do something or act some way to please them, that is not love at all.

Ok, night everyone~

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“Where do they live?” Matthias growled and cracked his knuckles. - my favourite line!
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