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May 31, 2012
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You slid an arm around Gilbert's neck, drawing him into a kiss. He nibbled and licked your lips, asking for entrance which you had granted, allowing him to explore your mouth. He pulled away and smirked.

"West's potatoes were good, weren't they?" You felt yourself blush at his comment.

"I didn't have much of a menu while I was on my way here and they WERE the best thing I've eaten in a while. But Feli..." You couldn't bring yourself to continue and you were in danger of crying when you thought about Feliciano.

"Hey." Gilbert noticed your pain. "It's alright. We'll get them back. For now, let's just focus on now. Ja?"

You nod and Gilbert kissed your cheek.

You didn't particularly feel guilty of doing this now, granted it was awkward and a bit of a mood killer, but moping and focusing on only Feliciano and Victoria wasn't going to save them any faster. It was better to focus on now and cherish what you have while it was still here.

Gilbert slid your leather boots off while you started to undo his cape and his coat. He snaked his hand under your pant leg to run his hand on your long legs while you slid his coat off. He hissed and swore in German when you slid his coat off his right shoulder.

"Is it your shoulder?" You ask in alarm.

"Yeah. Fick. But it's not that bad." He gritted his teeth.

"Did you actually look at it?"

"No." He admitted and you sighed.

"Then let me." You carefully peeled off the corner of his white shirt and his shoulder was an angry red and looked like it was blistering on his back.

What could've caused this? Those kind of blisters are caused by burns, you knew too well because you got them occasionally when you weren't careful while you were working in the bakery.

"I can fix that." You slid off the bed and grab your empty canister of water and went outside. The deck felt cold on your feet and thought you should've put your boots back on. You found some rope, tied a decent knot then tossed the canister into the water and brought it back up.

The canister was icy to your touch when you pulled it back up and it was perfect. You return to Gilbert's quarters and made sure to lock the door behind you.

"Sea water." You say as you grab a cloth out of one of Gilbert's drawers next to the bed. "Bet you two bucks that it'll work better than booze."

"You sure that you want to be betting against a pirate, liebe?" Gilbert smirked.

"I made my stakes. I know my remedies. Besides..." You whipped out a two dollar coin and held it in between your fingers. "Have you ever seen me not live up to a bargain? Three days. If you're still in excruciating pain, you get this."

"And if I'm not..." Gilbert gave it some thought. "I'll give you a foot massage. How's that?"

You instantly turn red and freeze which made him laugh.

"F-fair enough." You climb onto the bed and sit on your knees. "Lie down on your stomach."

Gilbert surprised you yet again by putting his head on your lap. He had removed his shirt which left his back exposed to you. He was well toned for someone who was generally scrawny. His beautiful pale back was lightly scattered with scars but they were hardly noticeable.

You turned your eyes back to your target, his right shoulder, and it was apple red all the way down to the shoulder blade and there were open sores on it too.

"This is going to hurt. You're badly burned and you've got a few open sores."

"In my defense, I was getting a tan."

"You need a better technique then." You smiled then gently pressed the cold cloth on his shoulder. He didn't even wince. Within a few minutes, the redness had gone down to a shade of pink.

"I think you should not put your shirt on until morning, give it some air. I also received some herbs that should help so I'll put them on tomorrow."

"You're an angel, ___________________." Gilbert smirked as he slid off the corset on your shirt and began undoing the bottom buttons on your shirt. "Makes me wonder why you aren't a nurse."

"Too demanding and too dull. Questions?"

"Not in the least. I still think you make a better pirate anyway." He exposed your stomach to him which he kissed delicately. You flinched at this somewhat new and strange feeling but you trusted him and let him continue. You lean to rest your cheek in his messy white hair and ran your hand down the back of his neck down his back, gently applying pressure.

As he was moving up your body, he gradually sat up, allowing you more access to kiss his body. You glided your hands across his chest earning a pleased growl from him while brushing your lips on his neck in different spots.

Gilbert froze completely when his hand stopped on your collarbone while undoing the top two buttons on your shirt leaving the two in the middle keeping it together.

"What is it?"

"Where did you get this?" Gilbert whispered as he grasped the cross around your neck.

"A boy saved my life when I was seven. He left this behind and... If I found its owner, I promised I would fall in love with him."

"Even if he was a pirate?" Gilbert pulled out his cross and they were the same.

"Yes." You met his gaze.

"Really? You don't seem like the kind of girl who would fall in love immediately."

"You're right. I'm not. But I never said that I would love him right away." You smile cheekily. "So... I suppose you want it back?"

"Nah. It's yours. I was told if I were to give it away, give it to the girl I love. And I'm glad that you got it instead of- ... shiesse. Nevermind." Another woman, a whore. You thought. But you didn't care. You knew that he was serious about you, that he loved you. You were sure of it.

"I didn't think that I would be your first from the beginning." That was the nicest way you could phrase 'I know you don't have a clean track record.' "I don't honestly care about that. I trust you."

Gilbert guided you on his lap so that you would straddle his hips. He captured your mouth once more and broke apart before long.

"You should know you should never trust a pirate, ___________________."

"I don't. But I trust and love Gilbert Beilschmidt."

"And I love you, ______________ _________________. I have to admit, you are by far my greatest adventure." Your heart fluttered when he said that. You had to admit, he can be very romantic. There was a difference between seduction and romance and this was romance, it was tender and real.

You kissed him again, trying to repeat that tender kiss you shared that day with the majestic sunrise. You wanted him to embrace you, you wanted that warmth you had at that time.

You caresses his jawline and deepen your kiss as he took off your shirt and tossed it across the room along with your undergarments then started fondling your breast.

You loved this warm sensation that he was giving you but you didn't really do anything other than gasp in surprise occassionally.

"You're still so quiet, liebe." Gilbert smirked. "Are you not enjoying this?"

"No, I..." You were unable to say anything as you were blushing and left speechless as Gilbert continued to apply pressure to your chest. "Was I supposed to do anything?" You ask innocently.

"I was hoping that I would hear some moans from your pretty mouth." He purred seductively as he placed a chaste kiss on your ear.

"I see no point in it." You say bluntly. "Besides, I rather not wake half the crew up."

"Haven't changed too much, have you?"

"A little. Problem with that?" You smile playfully.

"Not at all. Sometimes I love things that are out of the ordinary." He whispered huskily as he drew you into another kiss, trying to dominate your mouth. You teased him by letting him try dominating then you started to try to dominate him, turning this into a very passionate kiss.

Once Gilbert ran his hands down your stomach, it surprised you and he had earned his domination and flipping you on your back. He trailed his hands down your waist, sliding off your pants. Once he was done that, you took the opportunity to glide your hands all over his body, gently applying pressure to his well developed muscles that were under his beautifully pale warm skin, earning a moan or a pleased growl from him as he slid the rest of his clothes and sliding your underwear off, leaving you both stark naked.

Gilbert was more focused on your upper body at the moment, trailing his tongue down your body and scouting out your soft points and once he found them, he gave you playful nips down your neck and even you couldn't supress a soft moan. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gently entangled your fingers in his hair, bringing you closer to him.

You were unsure of what to do and the only thing you could think of was just embracing your beautiful Prussian lover. Gilbert didn't seem to mind and you could feel that he was pleased simply by the warmth and love that you were giving him. But you did manage to give him soft kisses here and there and gently caressed his neck.

"Gott. You're so beautiful, ___________________." He panted between kisses and nips. "Wunderschön." It made you tingled the way he said your name in his light German accent and added German at the end. Gilbert stopped just above your breasts and you felt his hand behind you ear reaching for your hair tie.

"How many times must we go through with this?" He sighed dramatically. "I thought I made it clear that I wanted you to break that habit of wearing your hair up all the time." He smirked as he slid it off. Before you could reply, he kissed you once again and smirked against your lips. "Gotcha.~ I'm teasing liebe. I think you look pretty no matter what. But I like it better with your hair down."

"Thanks." You laughed a bit before drawing him into another kiss, making him lie down on his back. It was your turn to place hungry kisses along his body while his arms wrapped around you and his hands rubbed your lower back. You trailed along his jawline down to his neck while your hands traced and caressed his soft and strong chest. He accidentally hit one spot that made you jolt and arch your back toward him and you could feel him smirk against your neck.

He grinded his hips against yours, you weren't sure whether it was a voluntary action or not but it sent that warm pulse throughout your body making you moan softly. You thought back the last time that pulse was sent through your body and you knew it was different and this time, it was far better. You yearned for that warmth and you were willing to love him and welcomed any new feelings that would develop through that love. So far, this was the best feeling in the world and you didn't want it to stop.

"I'm starting to think you're enjoying this, ___________________." He grinded his hips to yours again softly, making your vitals rub against each other. You moaned softly again as a streak of red returned across your face and unable to say anything but you were able to nod, somewhat damaging your pride. This was the one time you would ever tell off your pride. This might be your last chance to do this and you were going to use it to the full extent.

Gilbert flipped you onto your back while drawing you into another kiss. He ran his hand up and down your leg a few times, caressing your inner thighs once he returned to the top. You were getting a bit frustrated because he was teasing you and he knew that you were which only made him laugh a bit. You had to have him now.

"Gilbert… Please…" You panted between the kiss.

"Ja meine liebe? Is there something you want?~" He purred.

"I… I…" You took a deep breath and literally swallowed your pride. "I want you." You felt him smirk against your lips as you gasped heavily. It still didn't feel right to beg like this and part of you detested him for making you do this but your need for him was rivaling that detestation. You meet him a nose width apart and dare to look into his mesmerizing scarlet eyes and it made you forget every other feeling save for your passionate desire. He slid his hand further down your legs, rubbing your core teasingly making you gasp. "I need you. Please, take me now."

"As you wish, meine _________________." He smirked and drew you into another deep kiss. You felt his hand travel deeper and you felt one digit penetrate you making you squeak in his mouth because it hurt a little bit. You rocked your hips, encouraging him to continue as his tongue danced with yours and explored your mouth. He added a second digit then a third, scissoring them in and out to get you prepared. With him giving you a warm feeling that was pulsing throughout your body both head to toe and toe to head at the same time.

The pleasure that you were feeling made your heart pound in sync with his and you felt like you could soar higher than the Heavens and back. You moaned in each other's mouths during the kiss and you felt the heat and pressure intensifying for a few moments before your body relaxed and you released.

"I hope you're not getting tired, liebe. We're just getting started." Gilbert said as he positioned himself at your entrance.

"Have you ever known me to give up before the game even starts, Captain Beilschmidt?~" You say playfully. You felt that he was pleased or excited that you were teasing him. You could've sworn that he sent a warm pulse from him to you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and drew him into another passionate kiss which repeated and increased that pulse's intensity, sending waves of pleasure throughout your entire being. You didn't even notice that he had penetrated you.

You only kept your focus on each other, forgetting everything else and putting everything aside only for the man that you love and who has proved that he loves you twice as much. Your bodies were rising and falling together with a pleasant warmth to blanket you. You whispered his name fully heartedly in his ear as his body moved with yours in perfect sync. He said yours with passion as he swallowed your sweet gasps and moans.

Your body relaxed once more as you reached your climax a second time but your mind did not want to stop and you allowed Gilbert to continue. He moaned some things softly in German in your ear. You thought it was very alluring and you were more than willing to let this feeling taking you. He picked up his pace and you felt like you couldn't take anymore and wanted desperately to give up. The one sane part of your mind was offering you strength and encouragement, telling you to hang on for a little while longer.

You closed your eyes as Gilbert gave you another tender kiss and your hands found his which were on either side of your head. You slid your hands under his, intertwining your fingers and he gave your hands a reassuring gentle squeeze. Soon, it was time for both of you and you climaxed together, breathing out each other's names.

You lay your head on his chest as Gilbert stroked your arm and your back and running his fingers through your hair. You inched up a little bit to nuzzle his neck. Once you were done, you kissed his cheek and whispered "I love you, Gilbert Beilschmidt" before you moved back down and curled yourself against him with your head on his chest as you both entered sleep's sweet bliss.


You lost your two bucks. He healed in four days with the help of your treatment, not three although you figured he was faking it.
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First of all:
Sorry guys, I'm not finished 12 yet, I'm stuck in two places but I will try to get that up ASAP. Along with...

Pirate!America x Pirate!Reader (I imagine that this will be very short)

England x Reader (x 2p! England) (Very long oneshot, I am NOT going to make this into a series. Not that I don't want to but I shouldn't... Or should I?)

So for the time being, you'll just have to cope with this one.

Second of all:

Ladies, I have made designated nosebleed zones and dying zones. *points to two different corners of the room with newspapers, sheets and buckets in one corner and a crematorium for the other corner* If you are going to do either, please do so in the designated areas, I'm still cleaning up from 2. - - Lol, JK XD

I don't really have much else to say ...oh wait, yes I do:

There are approximately 3 more chapters then this series is complete :D I am trying to get them done ASAP but it's easier said than done. *sigh* I have considered a small sequel that takes place a few years in the future but I've got enough projects on my plate as it is.

And I should also get back to making Convention merchandise... And I've got to do Scenes on the Trailer... Ah well, there's plenty of summer left and it is now 2:55AM on June 1st so I should stop worrying about everything now.

Except... I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER JOB :iconslapplz: No! Bad thoughts!! Focus on sleep now, yes, sleep.

Goodnight and I hope you like!! :icononionsleepplz:
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